What are Subutex and the benefits of Subutex rehab for recovery

What is Subutex?

Brand Names:
• Butrans
• Belbuca
• Buprenex
• Suboxone
• Buprine
Med drug Subutex is a brand name for the drug, Buprenorphine. It is intended to help people who have opioid addictions. Many times, people with heroin or oxycodone addictions will be given Subutex during detox.

The Benefits of Subutex Rehab for Recovery

There are so many great benefits to going to a Subutex rehab to recover from an addiction. You will certainly need the support as you go through this challenging time. You’ll find that Subutex treatment offers you:
• Ways to detox from Subutex without medications
• A holistic program that meets all of your personal needs
• All the professional support you need from day one
• A peer group of likeminded people reaching for the same goals you are
• The education you need to learn how to live your life without being reliant on drugs


MAT and ORT are both abbreviations for different styles of addiction treatment. There is often debate about which is better, but there are places for both in the recovery journeys of former addicts.
MAT stands for Medication-Assisted Treatment. This kind of addiction treatment combines counseling or therapy with one or more drugs that can have a variety of different functions, including:
• Easing withdrawal symptom
• Reducing cravings
• Detering a relapse or blocking the possibility of a high

ORT stands for Opioid Replacement Therapy. Opioid Replacement Therapy is a specific type of Medication-Assisted Treatment. ORT replaces the abused opioid with another opioid – usually, a longer-lasting but less pleasurable one.

These replacement opioids bind to the same receptors in the brain that the original opioids would, usually fulfilling the cravings and causing the body to become dependent on them in place of the stronger opioids.
The goal of ORT is usually to manage the addiction, not end it. The goal isn’t abstinence, simply safer, legal use.
Regardless of whether the patient engages in ORT or another type of MAT, anyone who is serious about recovery will also take part in counseling or therapy and other recovery or treatment options. However, because ORT does not have abstinence from drugs and alcohol as the main goal, those undergoing ORT often take years to truly wean themselves off of opioids.
Subutex is, indeed, an opioid. So, using opioids as a treatment method means you are taking part in an ORT.

Signs of a Buprenorphine Overdose

Because this drug is an opioid, it will result in the same types of symptoms as any other opioid overdose. These can include:
• Physically going limp
• Becoming very pale
• Fingers or lips that turn a bluish color
• Clammy skin
• Vomiting and gurgling sounds
• Going unconscious
• Slower or even halted breathing
• A slow or stopped heartbeat
• Being unable to speak
Any of these signs constitute a medical emergency. A buprenorphine overdose may be able to be reversed, but only if medical help is obtained right away. There are medications that can help, and they can be administered by EMTs on the scene.

What do People Experience During a Subutex High?

When people take Subutex to get high, they will experience a sensation of euphoria. These individuals are more at risk the longer they take this drug. This is because the original opiate that they were addicted to eventually leaves the system. Taking more Subutex than prescribed can result in getting high. However, this drug does have a ceiling effect built-in. That means that after a certain point, taking more of it won’t enhance the high.
When people who abuse Subutex reach this ceiling, they will often take a different approach. They may dissolve the tablet in water and inject it to increase the intensity of the high.



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